Chester Zoo Virtual Workshop

Year 5 had a virtual visitor today from Chester Zoo. They interacted with Naiara, a Conservation Education Officer, who taught the class all about Rainforests and the animals you would find there. They enjoyed a PowerPoint, videos and talking to Naiara – the Year 5’s already had lots of good knowledge and impressed Naiara many Read more about Chester Zoo Virtual Workshop[…]

Tudor houses

In year 5 we have been looking at how Tudor houses were built and what features they have. We have planned, labelled and designed our own Tudor house. 

Hot Seating ?

In Year 5 we are reading ‘The Matchbox Diary’ which the children are enjoying. On Friday we thought of questions we might have asked different family members and then acted as those people and had to answer in role. The children had great questions and played their parts very well.