December 2, 2014


All schools are required to teach Religious Education. In Catholic schools, Religious Education is considered a core subject accounting for 10% of all curriculum time. We follow the framework ‘Come and See’ recommended by the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

The children learn about Religion and in particular about the Catholic faith. They are encouraged to learn from Religion and in particular to develop their own relationship with God through prayer and reflection.

The governors are required to remind parents of their right of withdrawal of pupils from religious worship and education. However, parents are also strongly reminded that the school exists to give a Catholic Education to its pupils and therefore they are expected to be in sympathy with its overall philosophy.

Below are copies of letters that are sent to parents each term.

Parents Letter Autumn 2021

Parents Letter Autumn 2020

RE Policies

RE Policy

Collective Worship Policy

PSHE including RSE Framework

Curriculum framework 2021 Relationships-and-Sex-Education-Policy St Annes 2021

Relationships-and-Sex-Education-Policy St Annes 2021