September 18, 2019

Pre-School Policies

All documents on our website can be made available as paper copies, free of charge upon request. Please ask at the School Office. Below is a brief outline of some of our policies:

Policy for Admissions
Before an application for admission to Pre-School is considered parents are advised that admission to the Pre-School is subject to the following conditions:

  • Children must be 2 years old on entry
  • A completed registration form has been submitted
  • Children must be free from infectious illness
  • Confirmation of the number of sessions attending

Admission Procedures
Parents are reminded that they may register their child at anytime but this does not guarantee a place at pre-school. Parents will be contacted one month prior to the child’s third birthday to arrange visits and start date.

Pre-School Handbook
A copy of the Handbook is available on request.

Parents as Partners Policy
To support and enhance the development of the children, and to respect, understand and value the contribution parents make towards their child’s learning.
To work with parents in building up a profile of the child’s development and needs when the child starts at the nursery.
To provide support, guidance and encouragement to parents.
To provide opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress.

Home/ School Diary
St. Anne’s Pre-School have home/school diaries for each child. The Keyworker for the child will complete details of some of the activities that the child has participated in each week. The diary will be sent home regularly for the parents to add any comments, such as activities the child has participated in at home, if they wish.
The Pre-School staff will include photographs of the child participating in activities, both individually and with peers. Parents will be notified of this when the child starts Pre-School and any objections to photographs being taken noted.

Policy for Behaviour Management and Discipline
Pre-School recognise certain rules are needed to encourage self-discipline and promote learning within Pre-School. The aim of this policy is to set boundaries, which will help provide a safe and happy environment for all and to encourage positive behaviour which is socially acceptable.

Policy for Administration of Medicines in School
Administration of medication is always best done by the parent of the child. Parents who find it necessary to administer medication to their child during school hours are welcome to come in at the appropriate time to do so. However, we know this is not always possible.

Gateshead LEA guidelines on medicines in school are as follows. Most pupils will at some time have a medical condition that may affect their participation in Pre-School activities. There are other pupils who will have medical conditions that, if not properly managed could limit their access to education. Such pupils are regarded as having medical needs. Most children with medical needs are able to attend school regularly.

If you need to us to administer medication to your child please contact the Pre-School leader to agree the support to be provided by the Pre-School. In such cases individual medication regimes should be discussed between the prescribing doctor, parent and Pre-School Leader.

Policy for Child Protection
The welfare of all our children is paramount within the Pre-School. It is our intention to create and maintain an atmosphere where children feel secure, are listened to and valued. It is fundamental in our practice that the responsibility for educating our young people is a shared one. Parents must be informed and involved at all times. Effective communication and cooperation is essential to the successful implementation of this policy. The Pre-School staff believe that they have a duty to inform, educate and support the children in their care and will take a pro-active role in this matter believing that Child Protection is a vital part of personal, social and emotional education of every child.
The Child Protection Co-ordinator is currently Mrs Gillian Curran.

Policy for Uncollected Child
In the event of a child not being collected from Pre-School, attempts would be made to contact all persons listed as contacts, if this failed Social Services would then be contacted.

Policy for Special Educational Needs
Inclusion – Our aim is to identify and plan for each child’s individual learning requirements and to provide appropriate additional support for children with special educational needs in order to allow them to make the best possible progress. It is our intention to provide individualised opportunities and resources in a play environment to meet individual children’s needs. We realise that through different strategies for learning and through different teaching approaches and experiences, each child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aim to promote an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect for achievements in which all children can thrive; and to develop sensitivity to individual needs and a climate of warmth and support in which self-confidence and self-esteem can grow.

This policy has been written so as to have regard to the revised Code of Practice (2001) on the identification and assessment of special educational needs at St. Anne’s Pre-School.
Admissions Policy – Children with special educational needs, like other children, are admitted to Pre-School after consultation between parents and Pre-School staff. This policy links in with our Equal Opportunities and Admissions policies. The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is currently Mrs Teresa French

Policy for Equal Opportunities
To ensure that no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of ethnicity, religion, culture, family background, disability, gender, home language, special educational needs or ability. To ensure that all the children feel secure, included and valued.
To establish feelings of respect and trust, with all children and their parents or carers.
To treat each child as an individual and provide equality of opportunity within the nursery.
To encourage self-confidence and a positive approach to learning in all children.

Policy for Health and Safety
We aim to ensure the health and safety of all children, members of staff and visitors at all times. Daily Risk Assessments are carried out both indoors and outdoors.

Policy for Complaints Procedure
The Pre-School recognises that occasionally a parent may be unhappy about an aspect of the group’s provision. The following complaints/concern policy has been accepted by our committee:

  • Talk to the Pre-School leader
  • If you are still not satisfied or the problem continues, the parent should put their concern in writing or request a meeting with the leader of the committee
  • If the problem is not resolved after a few weeks then contact the committee again
  • An external mediator can be used to listen to both ides of the complaint or concern
  • In some circumstances it may be necessary to bring in the Local Authority Registration and Inspection Unit, who have a duty to ensure that all legal registration requirements are met
  • Ofsted Early Years Helpline: 0300 123 1231