September 18, 2019

Pre-School Absences

From time to time, children may be absent from school. We appreciate that this can be for various reasons. If your child is ill or won’t be attending their session, we ask parents/carers to contact the pre-school as soon as possible before your child’s session starts.

Children who are unwell or have an infectious illness are to be cared for at home until well enough to attend Pre-School and are no longer infectious. We follow the ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings’. We ask that you notify the Pre-School of any contagious illnesses as some childhood illnesses are reportable to the Health Protection Agency.

What does good attendance look like in school?

Each child’s attendance can be summarised as:

97%+ Excellent attendance.
95 – 96% Average attendance.
90 – 94% Poor attendance.
Below 90% Persistent Absence.