September 18, 2019

Pre-School Settling In

Working with our parents/carers is key at the Pre-School, as we believe this helps form a positive transition and effective relationship. In order to support the transition into Pre-School, we offer settling in visits. We will contact parents one month before their child is due to start the Pre-School and invite their child for a settling in visit. This will last approximately half an hour. Once this visit has happened, your child will be invited to attend a second settling in visit.

On the first visit to Pre-School, time is spent with your child developing a sense of trust and security with their key person, as well as developing an awareness of others within the pre-school environment. On the second visit to Pre-School, if your child is feeling settled and more secure, they can further explore the learning environment.


Young children need time to develop special relationships and build trust with others. Successful transitions between home and Pre-School and the special relationships that develop create foundations for young children’s future learning and development.