October 15, 2014

School Uniform


Michael Sehgal Uniform Flyer Apr 2021 

Michael Sehgals Uniform Flyer Apr 2020

Our uniform provider is Michael Sehgal and Sons Ltd. Uniform can be purchased from their store at:

28-40 Scotswood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7JB, or online at:


There is a free delivery service to school at the end of the month if parents order by the 20th of each month, parents just need to select the “Free delivery to school” option.


All online orders must be made by 31st of July, this will ensure delivery is made in time for when the children return in September.

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Every article must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. All uniform can be ordered online from:

Garments To Fit Ages 3/4yrs 5/6yrs 7/8yrs 9/10yrs 11/12yrs 13/14yrs
Sweatshirts To Fit Chest 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″


Black Trousers
White Short or Long Sleeve Shirt
Embroidered Purple V Neck Knitted Jumper
Plain White/ Black Socks
Sensible Black Shoes (no trainers)
Clip on Tie




Black Skirt (not shorter than knee length) /Black Trousers (full length not ¾ )
White Short or Long Sleeve Shirt
Embroidered Purple V Neck Knitted Jumper / Purple Knitted Cardigan
Black Tights / Socks
Sensible Black Shoes (no heels or trainers).
Clip on Tie




Girls should tie long hair neatly back with unfussy bands / bobbles / slides to avoid it being pulled or caught especially during PE. Boys should have neat short hair without tramlines (again to avoid competition between children over latest trends). Extreme hair cuts / colours are not permitted.


The wearing of any kind of jewellery in school is prohibited. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost items. Children who wish their ears to be pierced should wait until the beginning of the summer holidays, after which the earrings can safely be removed while in school. It is not permissible to cover earrings with a sticking plaster. Children may wear a watch but this must be removed during PE lessons.

P.E. Uniform


Black Shorts
Plain Purple T-Shirt
Black Plimsolls


Black Shorts
Plain Purple T-Shirt
Black Plimsolls/Black Trainers

Black Plimsolls are most appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities although older children may wear black trainers for outdoor activities. Children may wear tracksuits for outdoor PE in cold weather. Football shirts or stripy tops are not permitted for PE lessons or after school clubs.