April 1, 2014

Aims and Vision

St Anne’s School aims to create an ethos of Catholic values, belief, practice and knowledge so that all children will have the opportunity for their faith to be nurtured in a warm, caring and secure atmosphere.

We believe this will allow our young people to develop their potential to the fullest and prepare them for the many challenges of secondary education and as future responsible citizens, who will play a useful role within the communities they serve.

To achieve this, our priorities must be:

To create within our school an extension of traditional Christian values based upon the Gospels and to encourage to the best of our abilities the full and active participation of our pupils, parents, staff and governors in living out these values.

To promote the full and active support by building a strong partnership between home and school initially, but expanding outwards into the local community and the parish of St Anne’s.

To ensure that all our pupils are offered an equal opportunity to experience and participate in a full range of activities relevant to their age, ability and maturity, without discrimination as to sex, social background, disability, religion, race and culture. Our curriculum will offer breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity.

To consider the needs of the whole child by educating in a way that stimulates and fosters growth and potential, and wherever possible to make the process an enjoyable one utilising the experiences of that child.

To value all staff and provide the means and opportunities to enable them to develop their skills and realise their potential.

To foster within each child a moral, and social responsibility by promoting self discipline from which will flow a disciplined, orderly, respectful community within a loving, caring and forgiving framework.

To further develop links will all our fellow schools but in particular to strengthen and support our relationships with all our feeder comprehensives and in particular Cardinal Hume Catholic School.

This document has been created, reviewed and revised following discussion with parents, teachers, school management teams and governors.