Catholic Life

At St Anne’s we live our mission statement. To do this, we live, work and worship together, sharing a belief in the values of the Gospel.

Catholic Life

At St Anne’s we live our mission statement. To do this, we live, work and worship together, sharing a belief in the values of the Gospel. Our children have opportunities to explore their faith and spirituality and gain a deeper understanding of their valued place in todays society and that we are all part of God’s family.  

Children are educated in an environment that encourages them to question and explore what if? questions. As part of the Catholic life of the school, children learn to help others through their thoughts, words and actions. As part of this each class chooses a charity that they would like to work with throughout the year. This helps them develop empathy and understanding of others as well as enabling them to be part of active social justice. We also work in partnership with our parish community through our Mini Vinnie group and our joint food collections for the local food bank.

Mini Vinnies

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Christian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage, both worldwide and in local communities. 

In an effort to reach out to young people, the SVP have established a new branch of their organisation called ‘Mini Vinnies’. Members are encouraged to ‘Think, see and do’, putting the needs of other people before their own. 

At St Anne’s we have a fantastic group of children who give their time to live out the Gospel Values to help others who need their help. 

To find out more about Mini Vinnies check out the website.


Charity Name
Reception CharityWashington Community Food Project
Year 1 CharityBryson’s Animal Charity Gteshead
Year 2 CharityBryson’s Animal Charity Gteshead
Year 3 CharitySt Oswald’s Hospice
Year 4/5 CharitySt Oswald’s Hospice
Year 6 CharityJo’s Place – Feeding the Homeless

St Anne

Who Was St Anne?

Saint Anne was the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She was born from the House of David, the line which was prophesied to give birth to Christ. 

Saint Anne is the mother of Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus by Virgin Birth. The Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she would give birth to the Son of God. 

Saint Anne as a Mother 

Saint Anne and her husband Joachim were unable to conceive a child, even though they tried to do so and really wanted a baby. However, one day an angel came to them and told them that they would have a child. Since she was so overjoyed, Saint Anne promised that she would dedicate this baby’s life to the service of God. Their daughter Mary was born. 

Saint Anne produced an extraordinary child, as she was born free from original sin. Being born free from original sin is known as an Immaculate Conception. Therefore, part of the reason why Saint Anne is so famous is because she produced a child born of Immaculate Conception. 

Parish Link

The School’s local parish Church is St Anne’s on Waverley Road. 

The school attends Mass in the Church on Holy Days of obligation and at other times during the term. 

For more information about St Anne’s Church, visit the link below.

Latest News

RAAC Temporary School Closure Update

Please click here to view a media statement update from our Trust.

School Closure Update

Dear Parents and Carers,  We are waiting for further information from the Trust about St Anne’s Catholic Primary School and our plan going forward. We will be in touch as soon as we know more information. From Tuesday 5th September all teachers will be contacting parents and carers as we look forward to catching up […]

Ofsted Report Publication

Dear Parents and Carers, I am pleased to attach a copy of our latest Ofsted report and accompanying letter. Thank you, Mrs Fraser


RAAC Temporary Closure

School is temporarily closed following an instruction by the Department for Education, due to RAAC being in existence. Further details can be found in our letter to parents dated 01/09/2023 found on our letters / newsletters page. Please bear with us whilst we work through the detail and make the necessary arrangements to cause the least disruption to our staff and pupils. We are working very hard to make emergency arrangements and will issue further updates as soon as we are able. If you have an urgent RAAC enquiry please email Thankyou.


If your query is relating to a student in the school, our new temporary phone number is
0191 823 9390

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