Author Visit

December 7, 2022

Author Visit

Today in Year 3, we were very fortunate to be part of an exciting author visit hosted by World of Stories. The author of Football Rising Stars: Marcus Rashford, Harry Meredith talked to the children in great detail about his life as an author. He spoke about his aspirations to be an author as a child as well as the career path he took in order to achieve his dreams. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had some excellent questions to ask Harry at the end of the session.


RAAC Temporary Closure

School is temporarily closed following an instruction by the Department for Education, due to RAAC being in existence. Further details can be found in our letter to parents dated 01/09/2023 found on our letters / newsletters page. Please bear with us whilst we work through the detail and make the necessary arrangements to cause the least disruption to our staff and pupils. We are working very hard to make emergency arrangements and will issue further updates as soon as we are able. If you have an urgent RAAC enquiry please email Thankyou.


If your query is relating to a student in the school, our new temporary phone number is
0191 823 9390

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