Beamish Museum

December 7, 2022

Beamish Museum

Today Year One got to go on a trip to Beamish Museum and take part in a toys workshop. The children got to play with a variety of different toys from the 1950s and picked their favourites to create their own Beamish Toy Shop window display. It was so much fun!

After their toy workshop, the children then got the opportunity to explore different parts of the town and visited different shops, the mechanics and the singing teachers room. The sweet shop was definitely a highlight in the places children got to visit and they loved experiencing stepping back in time for a day!


RAAC Temporary Closure

School is temporarily closed following an instruction by the Department for Education, due to RAAC being in existence. Further details can be found in our letter to parents dated 01/09/2023 found on our letters / newsletters page. Please bear with us whilst we work through the detail and make the necessary arrangements to cause the least disruption to our staff and pupils. We are working very hard to make emergency arrangements and will issue further updates as soon as we are able. If you have an urgent RAAC enquiry please email Thankyou.


If your query is relating to a student in the school, our new temporary phone number is
0191 823 9390

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