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Newsletter 27.01.23

2023-01-27 15:22:38


Term Dates 2023-2024

2023-01-24 10:44:18


Newsletter 20.01.23

2023-01-20 15:17:26


Newsletter 13.01.23

2023-01-15 11:49:10


Swimming Spring Term 2023

2023-01-10 11:28:45


Newsletter 16.12.22

2022-12-16 15:43:55


Year 2 Seven Stories

2022-12-06 17:25:43


Newsletter 18.11.22

2022-12-06 17:24:58


Newsletter 25.11.22

2022-12-06 16:26:25


Latest News

Seven Stories!

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle where they explored the centre, retold and re-enacted stories, made their own toy and explored the winter wonderland. They had a fantastic day.

Fruity Creations…

Year 2 had a visitor from an Animal Aid charity Worker who taught us all about how we can care for animals in our environment and why some mini beasts are so important to our ecosystem. We made our own fruity mini beasts and tasted new fruits we hadn’t eaten before.

Wonderful Windmills!

Wonderful Windmills! In Design and Technology, Year 2 children researched, designed, made and evaluated their own windmills. As you can see they are fantastic! Such fantastic skills.


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